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Grabber Buddy is not just a tool to reach for objects. Behind Grabber Buddy is the idea of developing the most practical and comfortable product in its category. Grabber Buddy is reliable and precise. You can pick up virtually anything that fits in its jaws including water bottles, jars, etc. The grip is so tight, it can easily hold a penny!


Because of the amazing built-in features, such as Handle Rotation and Snti-Slip Rubber Inserts, Grabber Buddy gives you full control and comfort while reaching for objects. Let's take a closer look:


The most critical factor in using any reacher is the angle at which the handle is positioned in relation to the jaw. This angle is important because it determines how the weight is distributed to the muscles involved in lifting. This criteria is not so crutial if the targeted objects are lightweight, i.e. pieces of paper. However, if you need to reach for heavier items, such as water bottles, jars, etc., it becomes most critical. For example, it takes much more effort to lift a bottle of water when the position of the handle is parallel to the jaw than doing the same thing with the hanlde positioned at a 90-degree angle.

Regardless of how and what you use your GRABBER BUDDY for, you get the tool that can respond to your immediate needs. Simply push the button located near the handle base and rotate the handle until its next fixed position. It's that easy!

Most grabber tools on the market have only one fixed handle-jaw position. GRABBER BUDDY is the ONLY reacher tool that gives you the versatility of adjustment of the handle in relation to the jaw!



The grip is as important as the above-mentioned angle. You don't want the frustration caused by an item slipping off the grabber's jaw! That's why GRABBER BUDDY is equipped with anti-slip rubber inserts that secure the grip and give you the confidence that whatever it is that you're grabbing, it will not slip off!

Various factors, such as sweat or moisture on the palms, can also lead to an unpleasant situation when holding the tool becomes uncomfortable. That is why the handles on all GRABBER BUDDY reachers have rubber inlays that will not allow the reacher to slip off your hand!