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Fibermop presents a revolutionary, green cleaning system of microfiber products for home.

The system is designed to replace virtually all existing cleaning products at once. Microfiber pads have been proven to be more efficient than traditional ones and do not require any cleaning solutions or detergents. The system is not only green, it is also economical and leads to significant savings over time. All Fibermop products are made of highest quality microfiber and designed to provide a safe, bacteria-free environment.


Constructor® is a trusted brand for modern door locks and hardware products.

Constructor® is known and valued by its quality and distinct modern design features. Standing behind our Full Customer Satisfaction Policy, we guarantee the reliability and smooth operation of all our products! Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you with questions about sales, installation and handling by providing you with the best service possible! Constructor® - The Quality You Can Trust!


The ultimately designed pillows and comforters.

Natural goose feather and down, 100% natural. Comforters are light, warm and cozy.  Box stitching design prevents shifting, assuring even filling distribution and warmth. Feathers are gentle and will not poke or scratch. fluffy pillows will provide good support for your head and give you restful sleep. All products are hypoallergenic and scent-free.


Grabber Buddy™ is the most versatile tool on the market!

Engineered for ultimate comfort and ease. Angle-adjustable handle allows to switch between different muscle groups for easier lifting. Built-in silicone inlays on the handle and the jaw provide tight and precise grip for better control and maximum comfort.


Animated LED business signs.

Designed to help businesses stand out and attract more customers. Made using extra bright LED bulbs. All signs come with power and animation control switches and UL-approved power cords.