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Both our heavy weight silk and Jacquard Cotton covered Australian wool comforters come in 100% cotton casings with a 300 thread-count for softness and durability. Our Mulberry Silk Comforters are lightweight and hypo-allergenic with 100% pure and natural long strand mulberry silk floss. Silk is the perfect choice for long-lasting, temperature adjusting, breathable, and luxurious bedding. Using silk can also save you money and help the planet by allowing you to lower your thermostat on those cold winter nights. Our wool comforters also make a perfectly plush addition for beds. Lightweight and very cozy, the inside is filled with 100-percent Australian wool with all-organic cotton Jacquard fabric featuring a 300 thread-count casing.

No matter your choice, Triumph Hill has you covered!

Triumph Hill Luxury Bedding Line;

All comforters are made with 100%  Jaquard Cotton Casing with 300 thread-count etc…

All comforters are machine washable.

Wool and Silk come in Heavy Weight and Medium Weight

Wool comforters have Wool Mark Certificate

We also have Down comforters and pillows

Triumph Hill Economy Bedding Line;

Comforters and pillows:

100% Cotton Casing

  • Product Features: Hypoallergenic
  • Fill Type: White 95% Goose Feather, 5% White Goose Down
  • Warmth Rating: All Season
  • Care Instruction: Machine Wash